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    • Regular Expressions saves my day

      • 19/07, 2011 by Waldeinburg
      • The point of this story basically is that I’m an idiot and Regular Expressions are awesome. Maybe this little tip can save your day too.
        My proofreader for my MA thesis pointed out that plural marking of acronyms should be with an apostrophe before the ‘s’. I use the acronym LO for “Learning Object” a lot. So I made a search/replace from “LOs” to “LO’s”, clicking “Replace all” without ticking “Match case” or “Whole words only” in NeoOffice. Of course, there’s a lot of words containing “los”. So, I’m an idiot, which I found out the day after when stumbling upon the word “gLO’ss”.
        But, everbody stand back. I know Regular Expressions.
        So, I did a new search/replace: “([a-z])lo’s” with “$1los” and “lo’s([a-z])” with “los$1″ (this time – once bitten, twice shy – not clicking “Replace all”, which wouldn’t have done any harm though).
        Thank you, Regular Expressions!

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    • Set Hebrew or Greek font

      • 2/12, 2010 by Waldeinburg
      • How do you change the font and/or font-size used for Hebrew or Greek text? Well, allways use formatting styles when using different fonts! But if you didn’t, or have a Zotero bibliography with Hebrew or Greek letters, then there’s stille hope: (This guide is written for OpenOffice/NeoOfffice, but you should be able to do the same trick in Microsoft Word.)

        1. Choose Edit→Find & Replace…
        2. Click More Options and click Regular expressions
        3. Now put one of the following in the Search for field (without the quotes):
          • Hebrew: “[x0590-x05ff]+” [Update: “[x0590-x05ffxfb1d-xfb4f]+”]
          • Greek: “[x0370-x03ffx1f00-x1fff]+”
        4. Click Find all
        5. Behold! Now all Hebrew or Greek characters are selected! You can now make your changes to the selection.

        Beware that these regular expressions will only match characters in the Hebrew/Greek Unicode area, i.e., it will not match e.g. Roman punctuation inside Hebrew/Greek text.

        I strongly recommend that you create a character formatting style (and make a keyboard shortcut for it) instead of manually choosing the right font and size everytime you need it.

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